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  • Auction Preview

    Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art

    An Imperial folding fan from the Qianlong period will be offered in the upcoming Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art auction, presented by Hindman. The fan was created for the Qianlong emperor of the 18th century by three artisans of the Imperial cabinet: Ji Yun, Liang Shizheng, and Qian…

    A Russet and Pale Celadon Jade 'Chilong' Rhyton Cup Height 5 3-4 in., 14.6 cm.
  • Auction Preview

    Asian Auction : Day 3

    With over 300 products, the spectrum of selection covers something of interest for every collector on the third day of the auction. Like decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and furniture with standards that speaks for itself. Beautiful work by Lee Man Font from the 20th century┬áis an oil on canvas depicting…