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    The Legendary Vladi Collection of Historical Maps

    Farhad Vladi first imagined himself buying and selling islands after reading an article about such a transaction in Seychelles. The article, it turned out, was fake, but Vladi nonetheless went on to sell over 2,000 private islands over the next 50 years. Every time Vladi represented an island, he sought…

    Danckwerth, Caspar. Orbis Vetus cum Origine Magnarum in eo Gentium A Filiis et Nepotibus Noe
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    Fine Art - Antique Engravings & Lithographs - Works On Paper

    A deep appreciation for nature’s inherent wonders and beauty infuses in the upcoming Fine Art – Antique Engravings & Lithographs – Works on Paper auction offered by Trillium. Early botanical and naturalist drawings shine in the sale, with 200 works of fine art opening a window into the Romantic era.…

    Fine Art - Antique Engravings & Lithographs - Works on Paper by Trillium Antique Prints & Rare Books
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    Subasta de Libros y Documentos de Intervenciones

    In 1847, American cartographer Henry Schenck Tanner sat down to update a map he previously made of Mexico. The relatively peaceful process of crafting a map is a hard juxtaposition to the wars being fought at that time for many of the territories his map outlined. This included Texas and…

    Subasta de Libros y Documentos de Intervenciones, Morton Subastas
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    Rare Book Auction

    The Rare Book Auction offered by Antiquarian Auctions has over 300 lots of collectible books and maps. One of the most modern, nonetheless, notable lots is a first edition copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. Published by Viking Press in 1957, On The Road was the defining text of…