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    Abstracted: Post-War & Contemporary Art

    When Tadeusz Kantor, the noted playwright, began painting, the public mostly disregarded his efforts. "[N]o one knew whether he was to be seen as an important theatrical figure or as a visual artist," writes the art magazine Frieze. But nearly thirty years after his death, the upcoming Abstracted: Post-War &…

    Bruno Romeda - Carré
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    The Naked City PM - Session 2

    The theme of the second session of The Naked City PM Auction presented by Capsule Gallery Auction is also the female form. The event begins with work by Mel Ramos. Ramos’ piece titled “Strawberry Bitch”, which is worth $18,000, has the highest estimated value in this event. You can also…

    Miklós Farkasházy - Untilted (Woman Reading)/Auctiondaily
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    The Naked City AM - Session 1

    Womanly figures have inspired many painters from early art movements to the present day. Whether it is celebrated for its graceful features or curves, the female figure continues to shift ideals of beauty. From Fernand Léger to Guy Johnson, artists have used their unique perspectives on nudes to make a…

    Capsule Gallery Auction
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    American & European Art + Editions

    The American & European Art + Editions auction, offered by Capsule Gallery, is a curated sale including works from the Ines Bausili and Rosalie Coe Wier estates. Among the pieces with the highest estimated value is a striking painting of a beach in Tangier by John Lavery. An Irish painter…