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    Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art

    In Hinduism, the goddess Parvati is believed to be the deity of love, devotion, and fertility. Mythology suggests that Parvati is an embodiment of the primordial cosmic energy who uses her prowess and power to bring peace to the world. A sculpture of Parvati from South India is highlighted in…

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    Geometric Abstraction

    Sol LeWitt was a supporter of Conceptual Art, a term he coined in 1967. In his essay on Conceptual Art, the artist said, “All the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes the machine that makes the art.” LeWitt helped reinvent…

    Norman Rockwell (1894-1978)
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    New York City Estate Auction

    Showplace Antique + Design Center’s upcoming New York City Estate Auction will present several pieces of vintage jewelry from brands such as Rolex, as well as works of fine art. Featured in the latter category is Ellsworth Kelly’s screenprint titled Dark Gray and White. One of the key jewelry items…

    Bulgari Sterling Silver Table Globe, Vintage
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    Modern Art & Design + Urban Culture Auctions: 3 Sessions

    French artist Albert Gleizes dedicated his life to contributing and explaining the Cubist art movement. His early exposure to the new art form of geometric patterns, lines, and colors came from his father’s fabric studio. Although Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso were the leaders of Cubism, it was Gleizes and…

    Monumental Pablo Picasso Tarasque Jug-Vessel (A.R. 247)
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    La Ménagerie

    Throughout his career, French sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne merged the imaginative with the tactile. His dual-purpose furniture pieces reflect his artistic perspective; he once said, “It is, after all, easier to have a sculpture in an apartment than to have a real sheep. And, it’s even better if you can sit…

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    Cartier VCA Jewelry Russian Bronzes Artwork

    The upcoming Cartier VCA Jewelry Russian Bronzes Artwork Auction by Allure Auction Company is truly a collection of luxury.  Resplendent with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, the jewelry portion contains many pieces with impressive pedigrees. Names like Bulgari, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co are all represented.  Intricate Russian enamel work elevates…

    Allure Antique Auction Company
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    Aug 19-20 Furniture & Decorative Arts Auction

    Lifestyle is defined by an individual’s ideas, tastes and interests. Keeping such ideas in mind, O’gallerie presents Furniture & Decorative Arts Auction for making people’s homes and especially lives beautiful with. Be a fine art admirer, a fire and arms enthusiast, or a decorative arts buyer; the two-day auction appeals…