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    BH 69: Exciting Photographs - History and Art

    Daguerreotypes, made using the first commercial photographic process to be developed, were invented by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre (1787–1851). Each daguerreotype shows a detailed and sharp image on a silvered copper plate. Though daguerreotypes became extremely popular around the 1840s, they were very expensive; only the wealthy could afford to…

    Children Playing in a Schoolyard in Late Fall or Winter, ¼ plate daguerreotype
  • Auction Preview

    Photographs: Social History And Art

    For over 25 years, Be-Hold has been the place for important photographs that depict the history of America. Witness history again at their Photographs: Social History and Art Auction with early 20th-century vintage photographs.  The auction’s highlights include an early 20th century ‘Girl and Sunflower’ photograph from German-born American, Arnold…