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  • Auction Preview

    American Scenes by Dox Thrash Featured in Upcoming Kodner Galleries Auction

    Dox Thrash was a prolific painter and printmaker famous for his social realism artworks and his contributions to the Carborundum printmaking technique. In his early years, Thrash worked as an elevator operator and later went on to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During the Great…

    Dox Thrash, American (1893-1965)
  • Auction Preview

    American Abstract Artist Byron Browne’s Works Lead Sarasota Estate Auction’s Sale

    George Byron Browne (1907 ‐ 1961) is acknowledged as one of the founders of American Abstract Artists. A prolific Picasso follower, Browne’s works take references from everyday life, nature, and art history. Trained at the National Academy of Design, Browne followed traditional lines and a bright palette. He believed that “every artist…

    Byron (George Byron) Browne (1907-1961) O/C
  • Auction Preview

    Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide-2

    It was 1854 when fashion designer Louis Vuitton opened his first luggage business in Paris at Rue Neuve-des-Capucines. When rail travel became a common part of life, Vuitton’s business began growing. Today, the company has extended its offering by including bags, clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. A vintage Louis Vuitton…

    Florida Highwaymen Painting By Lemuel Newton