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  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art & Antiques Session I

    During the early period of American statehood, a little-known edition of an important Texas map was published by Jacob De Cordova. He was one of the first major land speculators in Texas. Covering the topography of approximately 250 million acres, the map provides a detailed record of settlement in Texas…

    RAFAEL DEL REAL (Spanish b. 1932) A PAINTING, Sunflowers
  • Auction Preview

    Modern Art & Design + Urban Culture Auctions: 3 Sessions

    French artist Albert Gleizes dedicated his life to contributing and explaining the Cubist art movement. His early exposure to the new art form of geometric patterns, lines, and colors came from his father’s fabric studio. Although Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso were the leaders of Cubism, it was Gleizes and…

    Monumental Pablo Picasso Tarasque Jug-Vessel (A.R. 247)