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  • Auction Preview

    Online Only Decorative Arts Auction

    Included in the upcoming Online Only Decorative Arts Auction, offered by Pook & Pook, Inc., is a Pennsylvania Sheraton tiger maple and cherry chest. The Sheraton style, popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, has a simpler, cleaner look than Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture. American craftsmen often…

    Delft blue and white charger
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    Fine Art, Antiques & Jewellery (Internet Bidding Only)

    This April, Elstob & Elstob will present the upcoming Fine Art, Antiques & Jewellery auction. Among the highlighted lots is a tiger orchid brooch by Tiffany & Co. Paulding Farnham, Tiffany’s designer, created 24 of these orchid brooches for display at the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle. The enamel brooches were highly admired…

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    Art & Design Auction

    The Art and Design auction, offered by Toomey & Co., will include works of decorative and fine art, furniture, jewelry, and more. Of the notable artworks in the sale are two pieces by Richard Diebenkorn. Diebenkorn was an American painter and printmaker who began his career as an Abstract Expressionist.…

    Art & Design
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    Fine Art, Jewelry,Asian, Midcentury And Antique Estate Auction

    David Hockney is a British painter and photographer. He is considered to be one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, particularly due to his contributions to the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. The upcoming Fine Art, Jewelry, Asian, Midcentury and Antique Estate Auction offered by…

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    Fine Art & Antiques Auction

    The Galaxie was Ford’s leading full-size car from 1959 until 1974, rivaling Chevrolet’s Impala. The car was given the name “Galaxie” as a marketing effort to generate interest in the Space Race, started a few years prior. Available in the Fine Art & Antiques Auction offered by Lewis & Maese…

  • Auction Preview

    Day 2: Luxury Estates and Private Collections

    The second session of the Luxury Estates and Private Collections auction, offered by Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery, continues the offerings from day one with more works of fine and decorative art, furnishings, jewelry, and antiques. One of the top lots up for bid is a Model B grand piano by…

    Danish Modern style birch wood pendant light
  • Auction Preview

    Day 1: Luxury Estates and Private Collections

    The first day of the Luxury Estates and Private Collections auction, offered by Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery, will include works of fine and decorative art as well as furnishings, jewelry, and antiques. Among the key lots in this auction is a carved wood sculpture of a nude woman by Francisco…

    Richard Ritter signed art glass, 'YC-189', ca 1989
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    Americana and Other Related Wares

    Furniture and both fine and decorative art are available in the upcoming Americana and Other Related Wares auction, presented by Stair. Several furniture pieces from the collection of Gloria and Richard Manney are particularly highlighted. Highlighted in this sale is a Chippendale bookcase. It is made of several different kinds…

    Fine and Rare Small Federal Carved Mahogany Sofa
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    Antiques, Silver, Decorative Objects & Jewelry

    In 19th-century Sicily, donkey-driven carts were the most efficient way to transport belongings. The brightly-decorated carts were also ideal for weddings and parades. An example of the carretto siciliano or Sicilian cart is available in the upcoming auction presented by Los Angeles Antique Auction. Geometric patterns decorate the wheels while…

    Antiques, Silver, Decorative Objects & Jewelry
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    European, Asian, and American Fine Art & Antiques

    The European, Asian, and American Fine Art & Antiques auction is presented by Shapiro Auctions. The sale includes oil paintings from artists such as Robert Indiana and Andre Brasilier. A late 19th century porcelain-mounted wood vanity with mirror, a late 18th century wooden figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, and other furniture…

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    An Extra Large Antique Auction, Day - 1

    There is little to classify day two of An Extra Large Antique Auction offered by Dirk Soülis Auctions beyond diverse, with more than 550 lots of vintage and historic items from a large array of categorizations. Groupings with the most items of the day include art glass, art pottery, canes,…

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    Annual Fall Auction

    Judging a trunk by its cover is acceptable to the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. CRN Auctions offers the first-ever product by Louis Vuitton- a vintage steamer trunk. These were the first flat trunks with separate compartments and were coated with waterproof canvas, unlike the traditional dome-topped trunk. Paintings by Edward…

    SHER BROWN DURAND (American, 1796-1886)/Auctiondaily
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    Antiques and Accessories

    Eldred's Auction brings to its collectors a unique blend of Asian arts and antiques, arms and ammunition, fine art and other collectibles in Antiques and Accessories Auction.  "Virginia Built Bermuda Sloop Mediator”, a stunning watercolor and gouache by British painter Roy Cross, is the highest valued collectible from the auction.…

    Eldred's Auction
  • Auction Preview

    Washington Fall Asian Week Antique & Jewelry #74

    The upcoming Washington Fall Asian Week Antique & Jewelry #74 sale by Capitoline Auction Gallery features several important estate finds includes collections from former diplomats and statesmen.  The presence of Imperial famille-rose(rose family) porcelain or wares help to distinguish the auction as an important sale of Chinese decorative art.   Famille-rose…

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    Palm Beach Silver, Jewelry, Art & Antiques

    Any piece of art, jewelry or furniture requires the finest craftsmanship from the maker to enchant bidders and buyers. Such handiness is found in abundance at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antiques auction by A.B Levy's.  Certain to captivate the viewers, the two-color gold and sapphire brooch signed by…

    Fine Daum Nancy Enameled Glass Winter Landscape Vase/AuctionDaily
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    X-Large Two Ring Estate Auction

    It is no secret that art goes beyond the canvas. Rather, art is an embodiment incorporated in different forms and styles that goes all the way from pallet knife painting to alluring pottery. In hopes to illustrate such artistic variations, Dirk Soulis Auction offers X-Large Two Ring Estate Auction; presenting…

    Dirk Soulis Auction
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    The Mary Wells Advertising & Americana Auction

    The Mary Wells Advertising & Americana Auction, offered by Leland Little, is anchored by some tobacco advertisements from a variety of producers. One lot garnering a lot of early interest consists of two lithographs advertising Bull Durham brand tobacco. The largest, perhaps more desirable of the two, is from a…

    Duke Tobacco Poster Double Sided Folding Screen/AuctionDaily
  • August Antiques & Fine Art Auction

    The August Antiques & Fine Art Auction is offered by Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers. Collected from several fine estates around New England and beyond, this sale offers a terrific selection of Chinese arts, Japanese wood blocks, French furniture, paintings, bronzes, jewelry, clocks, and fine accessories. Talking about accessories, a fine…

    August Antiques & Fine Art Auction by Bruneau Auctioneers
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    Summer Magic Auction

    The Summer Magic Auction by Potter & Potter Auctions is a delightfully diverse collection of magic ephemera, antiques, and other collectible items. For magicians and their acts, there is a three-color window card produced for Houdini’s final tour, among the many posters and promotional materials. Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born,…

  • Auction Preview

    Estate Jewelry Sterling Silver & Antiques

    An auction of massive proportions, the upcoming Estate Jewelry, Sterling Silver, & Antiques sale presented by Joshua Kodner will see over 450 beautiful pieces cross the auction block. While decorative arts comprise the bulk of this auction, it is the jewelry and gemstones that truly stand out. These dozens of…