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  • Auction Preview

    Ancient Jewellery, Weaponry And Classical Art

    The Ancient Jewelry, Weaponry, and Classical Art auction, presented by Pax Romana, will highlight the fossilized skeleton of a Psittacosaurus dinosaur. The lot comes with a nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, as well as fossilized materials from within its stomach. The Psittacosaurus is also known in English as a "parrot lizard.''…

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    Ancient/ Ethnographic/ Americana

    The upcoming Ancient/ Ethnographic/ Americana auction offered by Artemis Gallery features a wide variety of antiquities from all corners of the globe. The common thread of these items lies in their cultural and historical significance, with items heralding from ancient Greece, Indonesia, Alaska, and many more. Decorative arts such as…

    Ancient / Ethnographic / Americana/AuctionDaily
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    Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art

    A Large Diquis Gold Pendant c. 700-1400 AD, a magnificent Nazca Cushma c. 200-500 AD, and a rare Olmec Mask c. 300-500 BC headlines a trove of Pre-Columbian art featured in Heritage Auctions’ Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Auction June 25 in Dallas, Texas. The auction also includes…

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    Ancient / Ethnographic From Around the World

    Artemis Gallery offers its upcoming Ancient/ Ethnographic from Around the World auction as an extensive collection of rare and historically significant decorative arts. It features ancient works of art from across the globe, from southern Europe to the early Americas. A Roman limestone female head sculpture, an intricately painted Greek…

    PR-246 Ancient Ethnographic From Around the World by Artemis
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    The Art of China: Summer Edition

    China’s long artistic and decorative legacy is featured in the upcoming auction offered by Christie’s. A wide variety of available lots spans centuries of craftsmanship, from second millennium B.C. blade fragments to modern work from Wang Jiyuan and Wu Changshuo. The Art of China: Summer Edition is a timed auction that…

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    Exceptional Day 1: Antiquities Asian Fine Art

    Artemis Gallery attracts a global audience of antiquities art collectors. But the excitement level is never more significant than the moments leading up to Exceptional Day1: Antiquities Asian Fine Art auction. Rarity of the collection can be found in gold jewelry from the ancient Near East, a large South Arabian…