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    No Reserve Single Owner Los Angeles Collector, Session II

    In ancient China, powdered tobacco was widely used as a treatment for mild illness. This tobacco was stored in snuff bottles. In the 18th century, these bottles appeared as a status symbol and were manufactured at a much greater volume for the public. The second session of the Single Owner…

    Chinese Carnelian Covered Box
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    Jewelry Week / Jewels - Session 4

    Born to a shoemaker family, self-taught Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzù adhered to three principle motifs: religious iconography, life-size nudes, and the painter with his model. He was one of the leading 20th-century sculptors of religious statues. Among his best-known works are his relief panels for European churches, including the Porta…

    A 18K white gold and diamond ring
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    Geology Auction Rock, Gem, Mineral and Fossils Online Only

    The upcoming Rock, Gem, Mineral, and Fossils auction, presented by Lewis & Maese Auction Company, offers 300 lots of geological finds. Leading the collection is a large piece of amethyst shaped like a planet. The Greek legend associated with the stone tells that Dionysus, the god of intoxication and celebration, caused…

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    Fine Jewelry and Watches

    Jean Michel Schlumberger was one of the leading jewelry designers of the 20th century. His jewelry caught the attention of Walter Hoving, the chairman of Tiffany & Co. After being offered a job at the luxury firm, Schlumberger became one of only four jewelers who have signed their creations for…

    18k Gold 3ctw Diamond Watch Bracelet
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    Lapidary Works of Art, Gemstones and Minerals

    The upcoming Lapidary Works of Art, Gemstones and Minerals auction offered by  Bonhams will feature a wide range of gemstones, decorative items, rare natural pearls, and much more. Leading the collection is Buccellati’s historical amethyst geode and a silver sculpture titled ‘The Garden of Eden.’ Designed by goldsmith Mario Buccellati in…

    Lapidary Works of Art, Gemstones and Minerals
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    Fortuna Exchange: September Jewelry and Watches

    Somewhere along the pages of the Greek mythology, it is said that amethyst is a crystal, dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry. That very stone is also known to carry several spiritual connotations. One of the most prized amethyst rings is being presented…

    Fortuna Auction
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    Jewelry and Timepieces: Discovery Auction

    The upcoming Jewelry and Timepieces: Discovery Auction by Cowan’s Auctions features high quality items that range from antique to contemporary. Each timepiece has been chosen for its craftsmanship, and highlights include a 1940’s gold wristwatch by Patek Phillipe, a rose gold watch by Longines, and a handsome sterling silver WWI…

    PR-210 Jewelry and Timepieces Discovery Auction by Cowans Auctions