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    In the upcoming auction, entitled “Contemporary,” Bonhams pushes the limits of modern art. The auction’s 136 lots represent contemporary fine art, furniture, and art installations from numerous countries, from Serbia to America. One of the pieces with a high estimated value is “Polans,” a piece from Hungarian and French artist…

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    Americana is the comforting image of America at its best. Even though America is a relatively young country, Americana is nostalgia for the most iconic moments in its history, from its founding in the 18th century to images of baseball, Route 66, and apple pie from the 20th century. The…

    American Gilt-Copper Horse and Sulky Weathervane
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    Subasta de Libros y Documentos de Intervenciones

    In 1847, American cartographer Henry Schenck Tanner sat down to update a map he previously made of Mexico. The relatively peaceful process of crafting a map is a hard juxtaposition to the wars being fought at that time for many of the territories his map outlined. This included Texas and…

    Subasta de Libros y Documentos de Intervenciones, Morton Subastas
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    Summer Fine Antique Sale

    Despite its name, the Louis XV style of furniture was influenced more by the king’s long-term companion, Madame de Pompadour, than by the king himself. Furniture became more excessive and ornamental. After years of war, the wealthy patrons of France, including Madame de Pompadour, wanted spectacle. Furniture and decorative art…

  • Auction Preview

    The Armstrong Family Collection III Space Exploration Signature Auction

    Own a piece of history with the third installment of the Armstrong Family Collection by Heritage Auctions.  On July 20, 1969, America had achieved what was previously unimaginable: a man had walked on the moon.  Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission’s monumental achievement has become synonymous with American pride…