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  • Auction Preview

    Firearms, Military, Accessories and Ammunition Auction, Day 2

    The second day of the Firearms, Military, Accessories and Ammunition auction, presented by Alderfer Auction, features 541 items. The auction includes insignias, badges, medals, photographs, along with firearms, swords, rifles, etc. In this diverse collection, one of the most noteworthy lots is a semi-automatic pistol of WW2. The Colt Government…

    Colt Government Model semi automatic pistol WW2 paratrooper owned
  • Auction Preview

    Firearms Auction, Day 1

    The first day of the Firearms Auction presented by Alderfer Auction will appeal to weapons collectors. There are 494 lots, with starting bids ranging from $20-$8,000. The collection features categories such as pistols, rifles, revolvers, and more. Smith & amp., a double-action revolver is a performance-centered revolver with an aim…

    Browning Challenger II semi-automatic pistol.
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    Jewelry Auction

    Jewelry Auction by Alderfer Auction will be a 14-day auction that brings a wide range of accessories to add some glam to your style. From wristwatches to pins the auction will host a dazzling display of gold and gems studded add-ons. The vintage Princess Mara fine jewelry is popular for…

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    Collector’s Auction

    Auctions are engaging as they present diverse history and culture with works of artists and arts representing the creativity of the highest order. Representing such creativity is Collector’s Auction, offered by Alderfer Auction. The auction surprises buyers from various genres as the highlights range from fine arts such as a…

    Alderfer Auction
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    Collection of Richard E. and Elisabeth S. Poole

    Because the upcoming sale offered by Alderfer Auction is sourced from a single, private collection, there is a theme that unifies this Rehoboth, Delaware collection. Richard E. and Elisabeth S. Poole assembled dozens of fine art pieces, particularly landscape paintings, as well as numerous gold jewelry items.  One exceptional lot…

    Jeanette Slocomb Edwards (1890 - 1989)/ Auctiondaily
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    Designer Handbags & Jewelry Auction

    Designer Handbags & Jewelry Auction by Alderfer auctions  resents a stunning collection of handbags and jewelry. The beaded handbags by designer Mary Frances are highlights of the auction. The colorful clutches, sling bags, and handbags are always associated with a cause and inspired by her love for nature.  These floral,…

  • Auction Preview

    Vintage Toys, Nautical, Furniture & Much More

    Alderfer Auction offers a unique combination of automotive parts, signs and advertising pieces. Along with them, the auction showcases pub accessories, vintage toys, furniture, and more. Vintage toys, in this auction, send one to a trip down the memory lane. Featured items include American Shuffleboard and accessories, Barrister bookcase and…