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  • Auction Preview

    Tabriz, Hereke Silk, and Nichols Chinese Carpets at Doyle

    Doyle will offer Tabriz, Hereke silk, and Nichols Chinese carpets in the upcoming Rugs and Carpets auction. These carpets and rugs date back to the 19th and 20th centuries and come from Persia, Turkey, China, and North India. A Tabriz carpet is among the key lots. This carpet, coming from…

    Tabriz Carpet
  • Auction Preview

    Paintings, Furniture, Decorative Arts & Rugs

    John Singer Sargent was a portrait painter known for his work with Edwardian royals. His landscape paintings often explored the Impressionist style, unlike the more traditional approach used in his portraits. Many of these landscapes were influenced by Claude Monet, who painted around the same period. The upcoming auction, offered…

    Nathaniel K. Gibbs. Women of Diversity Oil
  • Auction Preview

    English & Continental Furniture, Silver & Decorative Arts

    Silverware underwent many changes during the reign of George III. During his first few years in power, George II-style silver was still in use. It was only after the American Revolution that silverware returned to simpler forms from the Queen Anne period. After 1790, the demand for intricate designs was…

    Royal Interest- George III Sterling Silver Sugar Vase