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    The Graham Beck Collection of African and Oceanic Headrests

    Elaborate headrests allowed wealthy people across Oceania and Africa to display their status. More practical purposes for the headrests included allowing nomads to guard their heads against the dirty ground. Bonhams will present over a hundred headrests from across these continents and regions in their upcoming auction. Each piece comes…

    Graham Beck Collection of African and Oceanic Headrests Bonham
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    African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art

    Traditionally, the Yombe people of southern Africa believed that power figures hunt down thieves and those who use magic to cause illness. An example of one such sculpted power figure is among the lots available in the upcoming African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art auction, presented by Bonhams. Its composition, from…

    Exceptional and Rare Maori Anthropomorphic Pendant, New Zealand, ca. 1600-1700/Auctiondaily
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    Sub-Saharan African Tribal Art

    The Sub-Saharan African Tribal Art auction, presented by Discover African Art, offers ethnographic lots such as drums, plaques, and masks from across the region. Among the most notable lots are two guere masks. The people of modern-day Liberia and the Ivory Coast purposefully made the guere masks look intimidating. This…

    Fang Ngongtang 4-Faced Helmet Mask 10.5"
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    African, Oceanic, and Southeast Asian Art

    Over 100 pieces from the private collection of John B. Elliott will be available in the upcoming African, Oceanic, and Southeast Asian Art auction, offered by Stair. The auction's lots are primarily ethnographic pieces from across the African continent. Modern-day Burkina Faso (West Africa) and Cameroon, in particular, are well…

    Stair Auctions
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    Authentic African Tribal Doors & Locks

    African tribes and ethnic groups carry their history and ancient artistry. The Dogon, among many, is an ethnic group which holds unique beliefs and craftsmanship. Living in the regions of Mali, West Africa, the group is well known for the architecture of carved doors, doorways and locks. This September, dominated…

    Discover African Art
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    Tribal Art Online

    Indigenous artifacts are difficult to categorize, as they represent hundreds of different, independent cultures all over the world. However, they do share some common characteristics in their distance from post-colonialism and their influential relationships with their land—these are the common threads that Skinner gathers in the upcoming Tribal Art Online…