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  • Auction Preview

    Traditional Decorative Arts Pieces with a Modern Twist

    In Stash by Lee Stanton’s upcoming Traditional Decorative Arts Pieces with a Modern Twist auction, an elaborate red tapestry will be featured. The early 18th-century piece comes from the famous carpet making center of Venice, Italy. This style of tapestry gained popularity during the 13th through the 16th centuries. The…

  • Auction Preview

    Living Contemporary

    Highlighted in Rago’s upcoming Living Contemporary auction are two paintings by James Havard. An American painter and sculptor, Havard is a pioneer of the Abstract Illusionist movement that explored non-objective paintings that give the impression of three-dimensional space. He made his first forays into the Abstract Illusionist style in the 1970s.…

    Eero Saarinen, Tulip table model 175W and chairs model 151, set of six
  • Auction Preview

    Crocker Art Museum – Silent Auction

    Born in Ohio, Jack Zajac moved to Southern California with his parents as a teenager. During the 1960s, Zajac began creating bronze and marble sculptures that resemble abstract birds, animal skulls, flowing water, a swan form, and contorted animals. These subjects continued to interest him for several decades. One of…

    GINA WERFEL, Boundaries
  • Auction Preview

    Peter Keil : My Personal Collection

    The upcoming Peter Keil: My Personal Collection auction, presented by Hill Auction Gallery, offers 100 lots from German painter and sculptor Peter Robert Keil. Born in 1942 in Poland, Keil is a leading contemporary German painter. His artworks are primarily oil-based on canvas and cardboard. Inspired by Expressionism, Keil spent his…

    Peter Keil (German, B.1942) The Miami Boy Painting
  • Auction Preview

    Crocker Art Museum - Big Names Small Art

    Non-objective painter Mel Prest focuses on color and perceptual visual relationships in her paintings. From afar, her works look like a single, solid color field. However, a closer view reveals multiple converging stripes of color. For Prest, painting is not a mere academic exercise. Instead, she strives to invoke a…

    TERRI BIANCO, Pansies in the Key of C
  • Auction Preview

    Studio Art Online

    Skinner's auction, Studio Art Online, offers a wide range of paintings spanning from the 16th-20th centuries. Portraitures, still life, and sublime landscapes are included, with each piece selected for its artistry and charm.  With bid beginning from $10 and estimates ranging from $20-$5,000, all items would be welcome additions to…

  • Auction Preview

    Selections from the Collection of Elaine G. Weitzen

    This Stair auction is a collection of private New York City art dealer and philanthropist Elaine Graham Weitzen (1920-2017). Mrs. Weitzen was founding Executive Director and a lifelong trustee of the Board of the American Friends of the Israel Museum. She worked closely with the museum to create the Billy…