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  • Auction Preview

    Dale Chihuly and Peter Voulkos Will Lead Coming Rago Sale

    While traditional glass-making is about symmetry, Dale Chihuly‚Äôs work shows a departure from the past. To create his sculptures, Chihuly allows molten glass to find its own shape organically using gravitational force. Irregularity and asymmetry are defining characteristics of his work. Over the years, he has produced a wide range…

    Dale Chihuly, Persian and Horn Chandelier
  • Auction Preview

    Incredible Fall Estate Auction

    Ferdinand Porsche developed a keen interest in technology at a young age. Working on this interest, he invented the world's first electric all-wheel-drive car in 1900. Its success drove his attention to automotive engineering. He eventually founded the Porsche brand with just 200 workers. It is now known as one…

    18K WG, Diamond & Sapphire Pendant Necklace