‘LOVE Is In The Air’ Is A Robert Indiana Retrospective At Galerie Gmurzynska

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Galerie Gmurzynska has announced the opening of “LOVE is in the Air” a career-spanning exhibition of notable and rarely seen works by Robert Indiana, on Tuesday March 10th. The exhibition will feature works from 1959-2007 highlighting Indiana’s expansive and multi-faceted career and be on display until April 5th, 2020.

Galerie Gmurzynska has mounted several significant exhibitions of Indiana’s work and published substantial catalogues, notably “Robert Indiana: Rare Works from 1959 on Coenties Slip” (2011), “Robert Indiana: The Monumental Woods” (2013) as well as the extensive catalogue “To Russia with LOVE” accompanying the State Russian Museum retrospective featuring rare archival images and texts. The gallery was instrumental in lending significant works to “Beyond Love,” the seminal 2013 exhibition at the Whitney Museum, curated by Barbara Haskell.

For Indiana, color was preeminent. Color came first, and everything else followed. Just as color unites ‘LOVE’, its importance can be seen in another rarely publicly displayed work from 1969, Terre Haute No. 2. It is an artwork inspired by Indiana’s personal life, named after a city in Indiana, with references to the Wabash River that flows across the Midwestern US, and Route 40, which Indiana frequently traveled on with his parents in their Ford Model T. He selected this work to represent the final year of the decade in his graphic print portfolio, The Decades Portfolio, highlighting its significance. This work is emblematic of Indiana’s vivacious colors and innovative interpretation of hard-edge painting as he draws on a multitude of visual vernaculars encompassing the high and the low. Merging literary sources with the signage system unique to the American commercial landscape, Indiana’s work represents a simultaneously broad yet also autobiographically coded pictorial language derived from these signifiers. Thus, dialectically, Robert Indiana merges formal simplification together with high intellectual complexity.

Robert Indiana, The Electric Eat, 1964-2007

About Galerie Gmurzynska

Founded in Cologne, Germany in 1965 and now housed in a landmark building at Paradeplatz in Zurich, Switzerland Galerie Gmurzynska is an internationally renowned gallery known for its museum quality and uniquely curated exhibitions. In 2018, the gallery opened a location in New York’s historic Upper East Side. Situated between The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Met Breuer, this location offers a fitting blend of the traditional and the modern in a historic area known for its premier and accredited cultural institutions. Galerie Gmurzynska is proud of its long-standing collaborations with these institutions. The gallery has mounted numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions and has been instrumental in many museum retrospectives. Galerie Gmurzynska represents the estates of esteemed artists such as Yves Klein, Wifredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Louise Nevelson, and Antonio Saura. Galerie Gmurzynska is located at 43 East 78th Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 301, New York, NY 10075

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